TamiTarot Intuitive Tarot

Listening to you, restoring and recovering your positive energy

Reveal your subconscious truth

Let Tarot touch your heart

"People who don't experience darkness, can't understand the light."

I think everyone is very mysterious about the title of "Diviner." I used to be an outsider, looking at it all from a micro perspective. What kind of background can people be curious about to predict the future of others?

In fact, Tami has encountered many twists and turns in life, just like he is a derailed gear. It is Tarot that makes me aware of my fears, embraces fear, and faces weakness. For my own divination, the process of thinking is like a flame slowly burning, negative emotions turn into fuel to nourish my soul and open up the horizon.

— Tarot made me see hope and direction, and the whole body was full of positive energy. Because the heart is firm, and more confident to help you, spend a journey with you. Become your anchor and let you find the direction and inner light.